Art Nouveau in Hungary

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Fine Arts
Cennini Society (Cennini Fellowship)
Art Association formed in 1920. Cennino Cennini (1370-1440), late Gothic and Early Renaissance Italian Artist was one of the ideal masters for the Gödöllõ Colony of Artists. He was the author of a very important summary and reference book (1437) of techniques, especially mural and egg tempera methods, materials of Medieval and Renaissance Art. Cennini elaborated a technique of coating which was frequently used by the Gödöllõ Artists as well as the adaption of the beloved egg tempera also discussed by Cannini. Sándor Nagy's students at the Academy of Fine Arts remembered the piety of the Artist when he was talking about these old processes and when he was showing them. In fact, we might find the cult of tempera among the antecendents of Gödöllõ like the Nazarenes and Pre-Raphaelites.
The choice of the name for the group shows their ambitions and approach of handicraft and formed of Körösfõi-Kriesh's formal students like György Leszkovszky, Vince Hende, Antal Diósy. (Körösfõi and his students' common work is the decoration of Zebegény Parish Church, 1908-1909. The church was designed by Károly Kós, Béla Jánszky, Dénes Györgyi.)

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